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        Injection Molding Machine Mmanufacturers Tayu Machinery Product: Vertical Injection Molding Machine Bakelite Injection Molding Machine BMC injection molding machine

        • TAYU Machinery Co.,Ltd.

        • Address:Xianlin Industrial Zone,
                              Yuhang, Hangzhou, China
        • TEL:0086-571-88687337
        • FAX:0086-571-88686887
        • Email:sales@tayu.cn
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        Your current location:home > Product > Bakelite special Machine SeriesBakelite special Machine Series

        TY-700Z BMC plunger injection molding machine

                TY-700Z BMC plunger injection molding machine manufactured and sold by the Tayu machinery Co.,Ltd.
                TAYU Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Chinese professional injection molding machine factory mainly produces: vertical injection molding machine, bakelite injection molding machine, BMC injection molding machine, insert injection molding machine

        TY-700Z Characteristics of vertical injection molding machine:
        It used in thermoses plastic processing, fit for the molding of the spare parts like holder of cooker, automobile, electronic, instrument, the structure is vertical clamping, vertical compression molding.

        Technical parameters

          型号  Model  Units TY700Z




        理论射出容 Theoretical Shot volume cm3 182
        射出量(P.S) Max. Shot Weight g/Oz 216/7.6
        射出率 Injection Rate cm3/sec 87




        合模力 Clamping Force T 70
        开模力 Opening Force T 5.1
        模柱间距 Distance Between Tie Bare mm 500x340
        最小模厚 Min Mold Height mm 200
        开模行程 Opening Stroke mm 250
        最大开模距 Max. Open Daylight mm 450
        顶出力量 Ejector Force T 2.7
        顶出行程 Ejector Stoke mm 75





        最大液压 Max. Hydraulic Pressure Kg/cm2 140
        作动油量 Pump Output L 245
        油泵电机 Pump Motor Power Kw 11
        总用电量 Total Wattage Kw 11


        机器重量 Machine Weight T 2.5
        机器外形尺寸 Machine Dimensions(L×W×H) m 1.9x1.1x3.3

        Template size

        Before:没有了! After:TY-1600.2M.BMC Injection?Molding?Machine

        Copyright:TAYU Machinery Co.,Ltd.  Address:Xianlin Industrial Zone, Yuhang, Hangzhou, China  技术支持:中国机械网
        TEL:0086-571-88687198 88687296  FAX:0086-571-88686887  Email:sales@tayu.cn 浙ICP备10018881号

        TAYU Injection Molding Machine Product: injection molding machine vertical injection molding machine bakelite injection molding machine BMC injection molding machine rubber injection molding machine insert injection molding machine
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