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        Injection Molding Machine Mmanufacturers Tayu Machinery Product: Vertical Injection Molding Machine Bakelite Injection Molding Machine BMC injection molding machine

        • TAYU Machinery Co.,Ltd.

        • Address:Xianlin Industrial Zone,
                              Yuhang, Hangzhou, China
        • TEL:0086-571-88687337
        • FAX:0086-571-88686887
        • Email:sales@tayu.cn
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        TK-3500.2C Large Two-color?injection?molding?machine

            TAYU Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the most professional vertical injection molding machine manufacturer in China. It possesses two core manufacture bases in Zhejiang Hangzhou and Guangdong Dongguan respectively.The main production:Vertical injection molding machine,Rotary injection molding machine,Two-color injection molding machine,Bakelite Injection Molding Machine,Servo Injection Molding Machine,Golf injection molding machine,Liquid silicone injection molding machine,Skateboard injection molding machine,Zipper machine,Silicone Machine,Double Slide Vertical injection molding machine,Toothbrush Injection Molding Machine

        TK-3500.2C Characteristics of vertical injection molding machine:
        With the development of plastic products, plastic machinery has trend the characteristic towards “individuation, specificity”. Rely on international advance technology, TAYU developed new generation product---TK-3500.2C large scale vertical bi-color injection molding machine, the humanization design idea, show energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency totally. It developed by the special use of client, clamping force 350ton, shot weight 7000gram, it’s the largest scale vertical bi-color injection molding machine since the beginning of vertical injection molding machine history.
        Two sets of feed pipes fit one of compound nozzle, double-colored, machine is adopted and moulds is matched, so that the processing and manufacturing process are reduced greatly which saves 2/3 of the original production time. Besides, the double-colored one-off molding reduces the quality problems caused by cooling shrinkage. For the customers, it not only reduces production costs largely, but also improves the quality of products and creates more profit.

        Technical parameters

          型号  Model  Units TK3500-2C




        螺杆直径 Screw Diameter mm Ф95 Ф95
        射出压力 Injection Pressure Kg/cm2 1216 1216
        理论射出容 Theoretical Shot volume cm3 3896.5 3896.5
        射出量(P.S) Max. Shot Weight g/Oz 3682/129.6 3682/129.6
        射出率 Injection Rate cm3/sec 557 557
        温控区 Temperature Control ZONE 18
        料斗容量 Material Hopper Capacity L 60




        合模力 Clamping Force T 350
        开模力 Opening Force T 15
        模柱间距 istance Between Tie Bare mm 860x660
        最小模厚 Min Mold Height mm 750
        开模行程 Opening Stroke mm 450
        最大开模距 Max. Open Daylight mm 1200
        射嘴中心 Nozzle Center Height mm 415±20
        两个射嘴中心距 Nozzle Center Distance mm 450-1150
        顶出力量 Ejector Force T 6.1
        顶出行程 Ejector stoke mm 150





        最大液压 Max. Hydraulic Pressure Kg/cm2 140
        作动油量 Pump Output L 420
        油泵电机 Pump Motor Power Kw 74
        电热容量 Barrel Heating Power Kw 72.4
        总用电量 Total Wattage Kw 146.4


        机器重量 Machine Weight T 21
        机器外形尺寸 Machine Dimensions(L×W×H) m 7.0x2.5x4.0

        Template size

        Before:TY-850.2R.2C Two color Rotary?injection?molding?machine After:Very large Two-color vertical injection molding machine

        Copyright:TAYU Machinery Co.,Ltd.  Address:Xianlin Industrial Zone, Yuhang, Hangzhou, China  技术支持:中国机械网
        TEL:0086-571-88687198 88687296  FAX:0086-571-88686887  Email:sales@tayu.cn 浙ICP备10018881号

        TAYU Injection Molding Machine Product: injection molding machine vertical injection molding machine bakelite injection molding machine BMC injection molding machine rubber injection molding machine insert injection molding machine
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