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        rubber injection molding machine clamping force

        Date:2016/8/15 16:37:44

        rubber injection molding machine clamping force is to mold locking force rubber injection molding machine provided it can offset the melt in the cavity mold opening force generated . Many people like to use the largest injection molding clamping force , but rarely consider the size and design of molds and injection volume form molds and products , in fact, the need for economic and technical , to ensure product quality , under the premise should be clamping force to the required minimum. Thus, the rubber injection molding machine can significantly save energy on the one hand , on the other hand can reduce the degree of wear of rubber injection molding machines and molds , rubber injection molding machines and help extend the life of the mold , and the mold is also natural exhaust capacity can be increased , so that the mold easier to control a fill state . The program sets the optimum clamping force is : ¹ First, the clamping force rubber injection molding machine to the highest , followed by the normal automatic or semi-automatic production . º three parts were weighed and averaged gross . The clamping force reduction st, until production stabilizes repeat º, to identify gross average. ¼ then clamping force reduction s t, and repeat º. Repeat ½ ¼, until a significant increase in the average gross weight . ¾ the obtained data lists , draw a workpiece clamping force GW curve. A BS production of rubber injection molding machine with dumbbell tensile specimens parts PcsWgt a clamping force curve. Figure 1 shows , when the clamping force is reduced from 70t 4O t, GW parts begin to increase the value , and then reducing the clamping force more parts gross value increases significantly , and produce burrs , so the production best clamping force under steady conditions is 4O t. For security molds , mainly low-pressure mold test , which uses the clamping pressure hierarchical control , low-speed low-pressure rubber injection molding machine , mold can completely only when affixing to achieve the desired boost lock shift mode before termination clamping force .


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