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        Injection Molding Machine Mmanufacturers Tayu Machinery Product: Vertical Injection Molding Machine Bakelite Injection Molding Machine BMC injection molding machine

        • TAYU Machinery Co.,Ltd.

        • Address:Xianlin Industrial Zone,
                              Yuhang, Hangzhou, China
        • TEL:0086-571-88687337
        • FAX:0086-571-88686887
        • Email:sales@tayu.cn
        • QQ: Click here to give my message
        • alibaba trademanager: Click here to send me a message
        • www.treatise.cn

        Your current location:home > Service > Performance and Equipment Performance and Equipment

          General Performance  Select the device
           Fixed on the lower die mold activity   Spring feed nozzle unit
           Inserts for injection molding   Automatic alarm device
           Nitride steel screw, barrel   Optical scale devices
           High-torque hydraulic motor drive   Double-loop control of hydraulic proportional
           Special hydraulic unit configuration   Special hydraulic unit configuration
           Straight pressure type clamping cylinder design picture   Special electronic control unit configuration
           Pulling device   Drying hopper or automatic suction machine
           Improve mold life, safe  Pulling device
            Mechanical protection   Zipper machine blowing device
           The safety of maintenance operations   Safety grating devices
            Block shot down automatically, easy to mold   Mechanical protection
           Replacement of raw materials   Automatic alarm device
          Standard equipment  Special device
           Electric eye safety devices   Additional single room can skate or skateboard
           Screw cold material protection     Dual-slide device that can improve production
           Emergency stop safety switch     Efficiency to 30% -50%
           P.I.D proportional temperature control   Turntable room can be an additional bit or dual-mode
           Automatic fault display and shutdown    Tri-mode digital turntable device, safe and time saving
           Full screen display electronic control PC    Can improve production efficiency to 40% -80%
           Double Push Button Safety starter switch   Automation embedded file system (Machine Design)
           Fast mode-locked, low-security locking devices   Thermoset injection molding system
           Single-loop control of hydraulic proportional 
           Automatic washing feeding device 

        Optional special reference to the hydraulic unit
        NumberSystem NamePortfolio allocationResponsiveness (ms)Repeatability (%)Noise (Hb)Energy (%)
        1PQ open-loop systemYUKEN quantitative pump + double proportional valve80375-85——
        2Precision semi-closed loop systemYUKEN dosing pumps + BOSCH high response (half closed) PQ valve30-750.545-85——
        3Closed-loop system powerBOSCH electronic closed loop variable displacement pump30-750.565-7520-40
        4Power high-precision closed-loop systemBOSCH servo pump30-400.360-7040-50
        5Closed-loop system-wide high-precision injectionYUKEN dosing pumps + YUKEN double proportional valve + BOSCH servo valve25-3501-0.1575-85——
        6SP-ACC high-speed high-precision injection closed loop systemYUKEN dosing pumps + YUKEN double proportional valve + ACC + BOSCH servo valve25-350.175-85——

        Copyright:TAYU Machinery Co.,Ltd.  Address:Xianlin Industrial Zone, Yuhang, Hangzhou, China  技术支持:中国机械网
        TEL:0086-571-88687198 88687296  FAX:0086-571-88686887  Email:sales@tayu.cn 浙ICP备10018881号

        TAYU Injection Molding Machine Product: injection molding machine vertical injection molding machine bakelite injection molding machine BMC injection molding machine rubber injection molding machine insert injection molding machine
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