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        Injection Molding Machine Mmanufacturers Tayu Machinery Product: Vertical Injection Molding Machine Bakelite Injection Molding Machine BMC injection molding machine

        • TAYU Machinery Co.,Ltd.

        • Address:Xianlin Industrial Zone,
                              Yuhang, Hangzhou, China
        • TEL:0086-571-88687337
        • FAX:0086-571-88686887
        • Email:sales@tayu.cn
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        • www.treatise.cn

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        Angle Rubber Injection Molding Machine

        Tayu Machinery is professional development of rubber injection molding machine and injection molding machine manufacturers, the introduction of the European advanced technology, the quality of choice, the main products: rubber injection molding machine, angle rubber injection molding machine, vulcanizing machine, vulcanizing machine and other major series, dozens of products sold nationwide and around the world 100% to meet customer demand, service-oriented
        1, can be installed in different types of mold, especially suitable for molding complex structures and diverse products;
        2, countertops big, big hot plate area, can ensure better mold heated hot plate temperature uniformity;
        3, hot plate and mold with the launch of the machine in front, make molds and hot plate after you take the products without temperature, mold temperature again reduce the time;
        4, the outflow channel design, runner only in the uppermost surface of the mold design, the machine comes with half of the mold flow channel for customers to save the cost of a layer of mold;
        5, the hydraulic motor torque, can guarantee fast high hardness rubber feed, reasonable screw design, suitable for different rubber;
        6, injection speed, injection pressure is high, can reach 1800kg / f-3000kg / f, the finished product is high quality, flash and even less, for a variety of sophisticated finished products;
        7, rapid clamping and rapid tooling, improve production efficiency;
        8, the machine fully functional, optional hanging down power module, the former top agency, under shoot, thimble, left and right side of the mold, saving variable pump, hydraulic servo system, electric eye safety, international brands and touchscreen controllers.

        Multilateral, polygonal and other complex products, especially sports supplies, medical supplies, automotive supplies, electronic supplies, electrical insulators and other industries.

        Technical parameters

        机型 Type  TAI-200  TAI-300 TAI-400
        锁模力 Clamping force(Ton) 200 300 400
        注射容积Volume mjechon(cc) 2000 3000 4000
        开模行程Stroke(mm) 480 550 570
        台面Heabngplate size(mm) 550*550 650*600 700*750
        总功率Total power(KW) 27 33 40
        重量Gross weight(TON) 7 8.5 11
        机台尺寸Machine size(m) 3.3×2×2.7 3.5×2.5×2.6 4×2.7×2.6

        Template size

        Before:没有了! After:Vulcanizing machine

        Copyright:TAYU Machinery Co.,Ltd.  Address:Xianlin Industrial Zone, Yuhang, Hangzhou, China  技术支持:中国机械网
        TEL:0086-571-88687198 88687296  FAX:0086-571-88686887  Email:sales@tayu.cn 浙ICP备10018881号

        TAYU Injection Molding Machine Product: injection molding machine vertical injection molding machine bakelite injection molding machine BMC injection molding machine rubber injection molding machine insert injection molding machine
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